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Dialogue by Design designs and delivers bespoke public and stakeholder engagement and consultation services. We use digital, paper-based and face-to-face tools to provide multi-channel approaches to formal consultations, engagement and deliberative dialogue.

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Surrey County Council – Cycling Strategy Consultation

Surrey County Council approached us during the course of their consultation on their draft Cycling Strategy. They had received a far higher response rate to this consultation – due to intense local and media interest – than they had anticipated. They realised they needed to bring in external assistance to analyse and report on these […]

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Latest from Dialogue by Design


Telling a good story: Future Energy Scenarios

13 November 2014by Diane Beddoes

I was at a National Grid workshop a couple of weeks ago, where we looked at their four future energy scenarios and subjected them to some stress-testing. Good scenarios are like good stories: they are internally coherent, with their own logic, painting a world that makes sense, given the premises – or in the case […]

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Consultation is a dirty word? Maybe you’re doing it wrong.

30 October 2014by Fionnuala Ratcliffe

Last week Dialogue by Design attended the Consultation Institute’s conference on the theme of People Power. This theme lent itself to a focus on participation, collaboration and empowerment, with the e-democracy.org founder Steven Clift speaking about using digital infrastructure to mobilise communities, Graham Allen MP speaking about constitutional reform and calling for future devolution to […]

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