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Dialogue by Design designs and delivers bespoke public and stakeholder engagement and consultation services. We use digital, paper-based and face-to-face tools to provide multi-channel approaches to formal consultations, engagement and deliberative dialogue.

Transport planning process – how to plan consultation and participation activities

Engagement expert Lucy Farrow (DbyD) and transport planning expert Tom Cohen (UCL) will share their experience and relevant academic research in a two day course (24th and 25th May 2017) and enable you to understand and effectively manage consultation and participation process.

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Focus on water: PR19 engagement

Starting to think about the 2019 Price Review period? So are we! Ofwat recently released a policy paper on their expectations for the PR19 period, emphasising the importance of customer engagement and linking it clearly to pricing. To hear more about how we can help you put in place a strategy that meets regulatory requirements and delivers value for your company get in touch with our water specialist Amelie Trepass or check out our offer.


Featured project

DEFRA, BIS, Sciencewise: Public Dialogue to Understand Perceptions of Specific Applications of Nanotechnology

We are currently working closely with Sciencewise, DEFRA and BIS to lead an innovative public dialogue that scopes and enhances the UK understanding of the public’s views on specific applications of nanotechnology. The final findings will help inform the Government’s regulatory agenda for nanotechnology and how they communicate and encourage openness about developments in this field. Our […]

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Smart Cities Need Smart Consultations

9 June 2017by Anna McKeon

Future Glasgow. Smart City Bristol. Digital Birmingham. Pilot smart city projects are growing exponentially across the UK – and we’re barely keeping pace with the rest of the world (In 2014 India announced a plan to build 100 smart cities). However, while big data and small technology is enabling us to design our infrastructure to […]

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