Knowing who you want to involve, why, and how can be challenging, as can getting busy people to turn up on the day. At Dialogue by Design, we work with our clients to profile and map their stakeholders and design processes that will engage with them effectively and efficiently. We can help you to design engagement processes that will contribute to stronger relationships with your stakeholders and give you the outcomes you need.

We use a systematic approach to stakeholder engagement.  We work with you to identify your goals and desired outcomes and where you are starting from.  This helps us to understand how different interests might emerge as your project progresses.  We map the specific requirements of your project against other activities taking place in your environment and sector, so we know what other calls might be made on your stakeholders’ time and commitment.  We want to know about your internal deadlines too, so we can design processes that will help you to meet these. For example, our water industry clients want to engage with their customers and stakeholders in sufficient time for them to consider how the findings should inform their business planning and price-setting processes.

Our approach helps you to be confident that you have:

  • mapped the salient issues and range of interests in your project
  • identified individuals and organisations with particular interests
  • not overlooked minority or ‘hard-to-hear’ groups

Stakeholder management

We have a dedicated stakeholder management tool, CitizenBase, that helps our clients to manage stakeholder relationships over the lifetime of a project. Many organisations struggle to manage their communication with stakeholders. Address lists may exist in different places or different formats, they may be partially out of date, and people in one part of the organisation may not be aware of the contact lists used elsewhere. CitizenBase makes it easy for our clients to import, record and maintain stakeholder details and every interaction with each stakeholder, giving them a robust audit trail. We use this tool alongside our project to:

  • Collect, store, update and retrieve the names and address details of individuals and organisations securely and systematically
  • Tag stakeholders by their interests and characteristics – this can be used for stakeholder mapping, helping our clients to identify the right target audience for consultations, events, newsletters or other information
  • Demonstrate to regulators or evaluators the scope and nature of engagement activities
  • Search for stakeholders by post code, name, organisation, and interests

CitizenBase is simple and intuitive to use, remotely accessible and security-tested.


To find out more about our stakeholder engagement practice, please contact Isabelle Guyot on 020 7042 8000

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