We think that good engagement is good business. We work with organisations to help them develop a strategic and forward-looking approach to engagement that takes into account their wider business objectives and planning cycles. We have helped a range of clients to develop strategies and train their staff in engagement theory and practice.   We have helped clients in the utilities sector develop engagement strategies to inform their community and customer engagement and worked with overseas governments and NGOs on integrating engagement into governance and decision-making.

We like to help our clients develop their in-house capacity for engagement.  So we provide training too. We are steeped in the theory and practice of public and stakeholder consultation, engagement and dialogue and our training reflects this. We draw on acknowledged best practice and our own experience to design bespoke training that meets the particular needs of each client.


To talk to us about consultation and engagement strategy and training, please contact Isabelle Guyot on 0207 042 8000

Our Sector Experience