Dialogue by Design was founded in 1999 to provide tailored and professional consultation and engagement services. We work across a range of sectors and use a wide range of techniques. We specialise in handling consultations on contentious or technically complex issues and are experts in running consultations for nationally significant infrastructure projects (NSIPs). Much of our work is multi-method, combining face-to-face and digital approaches. Our unique in-house tool for online consultation enables us to analyse large volumes of responses easily, quickly and accurately.

Dialogue by Design is part of the OPM Group – an independent, employee-owned consultancy which comprises OPM and Dialogue by Design.  We work closely with our OPM colleagues on many projects, particularly complex public and stakeholder dialogues. We also have a wide network of associates in the fields of stakeholder dialogue, public participation and consultation, training, conflict resolution and software design, enabling us to field individuals and teams that meet the particular needs of our clients. Our partners on projects include leading academics, creative agencies, communications experts and ethnographers.

Who we are